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I publish two podcasts. 

'More than just mindfulness' is a collection of recordings from the classes I teach to the public and organisations.

The Restful Mind is a collection of meditations that is designed to build, over time, a library from which users can choose to listen to at their convenience.

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The More Than Just Mindfulness Podcast

The 'more than just mindfulness' podcast is a collection of mindfulness and meditation training sessions taught by Robert Mitchell. 

You can play any of the podcasts directly from here or by searching for ‘more than just mindfulness’ on your favourite podcast app.

The Restful Mind Podcast

The Restful Mind Podcast is a collection of individual, ten-minute guided meditations.

The meditations are guided by Robert Mitchell and are designed to, over time, build a library of guided meditations that can be selected from to guide your personal meditation sessions.

The Mastering Meditation Podcast

The Mastering Meditation Series is a set of training sessions designed to help you to build and maintain a meditation practice that will help you build your personal resilience.

The Basic Guided Meditations Playlist

Listen here for the basic guided mindfulness meditations.

Support me in providing this regularly updated free content